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November 18, 2021 | Information Sessions | Grades 9-12
Title: Tallo: Live Event
Who Can Attend: Enrolled and Prospective Students
Event Date(s): November 18, 2021
Description: Join Emily from Tallo to learn more about Tallo's free digital portfolio platform for students, age 13+. The Tallo platform helps students create their digital portfolios to showcase their future goals and plans, extracurricular activities, academic successes, and skills. Using the student dashboard students can match with colleges and companies nationwide for internship, scholarship, and post-secondary education opportunities.

November 19, 2021 | Competitions and Contests | Live Virtual | Grades 6-8 | Grades 9-12
Title: Stride 6-12 Student Bake Off
Who Can Attend: Enrolled and Prospective Students
Event Date(s): November 19, 2021
Description: Join us for our first Stride 6-12 Student Bake Off held via Facebook Live on November 19th at 12pm EST where Pastry Chef Padua Player will serve as our judge. Five student finalists will show off their skills baking something that includes apple as an ingredient in the recipe.

November 22 - 30, 2021 | Competitions and Contests | Grades 3-5 | Grades 6-8 | Grades 9-12
Title: Minecraft Challenge
Who Can Attend: Enrolled Students
Event Date(s): November 22 - 30, 2021
Description: There are three themes for the month of November, and there will be one winner per grade band (K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th) who will receive a $50 Amazon e-gift card for their winning submission. Only one entry per student, per theme, is acceptable. November Challenges Are: 1) Campsite 2) Build a Treehouse 3) Indigenous Stories.
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November 30, 2021 | Competitions & Contests | Grades 9-12
Title: My Planet, My Neighborhood Innovation Challenge
Who Can Attend: Enrolled and Prospective Students
Event Date(s): November 30, 2021
Description: Have a big idea about how to save the planet? In this nationwide competition, we want to hear from you! If you had the money and resources needed to implement your idea, how would you approach solving that issue? Tell us all about your idea—how would it work, how much would it cost, how many people would it help? We want to hear everything! Submit your idea before November 30th.
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December 2, 2021 | Clubs | Grades 6-8 | Grades 9-12
Title: Opportunities in Public Health Nursing
Who Can Attend: Enrolled and Prospective Students
Event Date(s): December 2, 2021
Time: 7PM ET
Description: In this session of the Stride Nursing Club, guest speaker Rear Admiral Aisha K. Mix, Chief Nurse Officer, U.S. Public Health Service, and Dr. Sherri Wilson, health careers program director for Stride, Inc., will discuss the role of a public health nurse and opportunities in public health nursing with the U.S. Public Health Service. They will explore how nurses can help in disaster preparedness and look at what nurses can do internationally to improve health outcomes. Rear Admiral Mix will also talk about leadership in nursing and share her personal leadership journey as well as her experiences as a nursing graduate from a historically black college or university.
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