About Our School

Board of Directors

The Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy is governed by a board of directors composed of community leaders.

The Community School for Apprenticeship Learning, Inc., is the management organization for both CSAL (Middle School), Madison Preparatory Academy (High school) and the Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy (LAVCA).

The leadership team of Madison Preparatory Academy is composed of a board of directors and the executive director, who work collaboratively to develop curricula, instruction, and experiences responsive to the needs of all students and create a culture where students experience acceptance and confidence that they can succeed in school and in life.

The leadership team is primarily charged the role of governance to ensure that the school environment and academic rigor complies with school, state, and federal requirements.

The board is held under strict guidelines of the Louisiana Code of Ethics and must participate in board training and a development plan which include training and team building sessions covering the following topics:

  • Expanding and rotating the board:
    1. What to look for and expect in new board members
    2. How to attract the right board member
    3. How to motivate current board members
  • Fundraising: When, how, and who?
  • Board expectations, Accountabilities
  • How to do strategic planning
  • Evaluations
  • Giving and receiving feedback

FIGHT FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE — CSAL, Inc. suggests to any person aware of fraudulent acts to report to the Louisiana Legislature Auditor’s hotline. Specific details are expected to be reported and calls will be confidential.